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The house always wins, right? We all know about the built-in house edge and that casinos are businesses looking to make a profit and that’s why we love stories about ordinary men taking on the house and winning!

That decor ain't cheap!
That decor ain’t cheap!

Tales of gambling partnerships go way back in casino history, where gun-toting teams rode into town on horseback, with their cowboy hats pulled down low, and stormed gambling halls taking the loot by force. But we’ll leave these romantic anecdotes to the movie makers because we’re more interested in the subtle approach, where gamblers with great minds and a fair amount of cunning have conspired to beat the system.

Have you ever heard of the MIT Blackjack Team? How about Ken Uston and Keith Taft or the renowned Al Francesco? All of these gamblers have one thing in common – they used their considerable skill and combined it with their intimate knowledge of gambling to take on the casino industry. Oh, and they have another thing in common – they’re all pretty famous!

On our website we look at these legendary partnerships and show you how they crooked the casinos for so long. We discuss their strategies, dedication, disguises and the technology that made it all possible.

We also look at the controversial card counting system that many gamblers consider a legitimate skill but many casinos consider a legitimate threat. These gambling greats and their audacious actions are landmark moments in history and any aspiring gambler should know their tales.

Is Lady Luck shining down on you? Do you have the skills to take on the system? Will your name be spoken about with the same respect as these legends? If you think you have what it takes then head down to one of the most popular British casinos – Casino UK – and test your luck and skill against the system…


Welcome to Casino Penz, where look at all the gambling legends. As we do that, we look into the greatest stories of all time. Mind you, we do not look at the casino myths here; we look for the casino truths. We look at people who have managed to manipulate various card games. Some of these men and women were caught and some managed to walk away scot-free. So do join us as we engage on the stories of these individuals.

What we have

There is a lot that we have for you on our site. We hope that we will inspire you to enjoy casino games. We also hope that we can make see that the house edge is nothing but a name that can be and has been conquered. David has taken down the so-called Goliath (house edge) countless times.

Join as we take a look at the stories of successful gamblers like-:

  • Keith Taft and Ken Uston
  • MIT Blackjack Team
  • The Big Player
  • Edward Thorpe- “Beat the Dealer”

If you had never heard about the individuals that we have mentioned, prepare to have your mind dazed. By reading their stories and finding out what they did, you will be more than inspired.


In conclusion, you will see that our site serves a revelation and an inspiration. If ever you thought that the house edge could not be conquered then we are the site to tell you that you can beat the house edge. So have no fear, we are the people to go to when you have lost all the confidence and feel like the casino has taken all out of you.


Feel free to contact us when you have a problem. On the other hand, you feel like you need a bit of help with beating the house edge. If you want to understand how all this works, do not hesitate to contact us and ask. We will be more than willing to lend a listening ear.


Feel free to visit our Blog page. This is where we keep you up to date with what is happening. Feel free and do not be afraid. We are here to be your light as we take down Goliath.