Beat the Dealer

On this page, we take a brief look at Edward Thorpe’s book, Beat the Dealer. Not everything though, just a bit. We recommend that you buy the book find out more.

Chapter 1-This chapter serves

as an introduction telling you what you can learn as you read the

book. Readers will be introduced to the theory of probability, an emphasis on

the basic strategy and that at some point, you will come across cheating.

The chapter closes as he tells one of his many stories. This one, in particular,

shows how he was given $10, 000 to prove his strategies and he doubled it in 2 days.

Chapter 2-The rules of Blackjack.

In this chapter, you will look into the rules of play in the game of 21. They come carefully detailed and explained to make sure that they are understandable.

Chapter 3-

In this chapter, readers are introduced to the basic strategy of blackjack. The chapter is

loaded with images and figures to help you to understand what he is talking about.

Chapter 4 -A Winning Strategy

. Thorpe tells the readers that the“cards have no memory”. He then goes on to answer 6 questions that he believes to be important. Alongside these questions are tables for illustration.

Chapter 5 – My Ideas Tested in Nevada.

He begins the chapter by telling the readers why they should trust him. He then goes on to tell about how he tested his own theories and the results that they gave.

Chapter 6- The Simple Point -Count System.

In this chapter, he goes on to ask the readers to try out his previous theories.

He then goes on to tell a story of how one individual tried one his stories.

Chapter 7 -The Complete Point Count System.

Thorpe then goes on to tell the readers of another of his theories. Like the other theories, this one is also accompanied by a series of graphs, figures, and tables.

Chapter 8-A Winning Strategy Based on Counting Tens.

The Ten-Count Strategy is explained in this chapter.

Figures and tables are used to further expand on this strategy.

Chapter 9-Beating the Casino Countermeasures.

In this chapter, the writer tells you of various measures that the casino will use to stop you.

Chapter 10 -How to Spot Cheating.

Thorpe opens the reader’s eyes on how they can spot if the casino is cheating.

Chapter 11- Can Cheating Be Stopped?

The chapter elaborates on how the cheating can be stopped.He also looks into the measures that the Nevada Gaming Control Board took to stop cheating.

Chapter 12-Science versus Chance.

Players will be met with the reading on how various players and the strategies that they used. Thorpe also tells the readers about the Beat the Dealer Computer that he used to come with his winning methods.