Asian Casinos Famous World-over

Asian casinos in Singapore and Indonesia are fast becoming popular tourist attractions that are giving Las Vegas a tough competition. Here is a list of few destinations with modern casino facilities that are the envy of top casinos around the world and are popular among tourists and hard core gamblers. Most top land based and […]

Alvin Thomas – Gambling Leg

It is always interesting to get a full picture of a gambling legend’s life. Often times, all we hear about is how much money they won by the end of their “career”. Here is a look at the life of Alvin Thomas, both before and after he became a gambling celebrity. Alvin Thomas was best […]

Legend: Greek Gambler Who Took Vegas for a Ride

There are many great legendary gamblers and stories from the 20th century. The most famous story was the incredible gambling run of Greek immigrant Archie Karas. Karas was born in Antypata, Greece in 1950 and went to the United States as a young man with only a few dollars in his pockets. Who would have […]

Archie Karas Cheats Casino Out of $8,000

Archie Karas is one of the most famous gamblers in recent history. Born in Greece, Karas spent most of his life in the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas. He rose to fame around 1995 when he famously transformed a $50 bank balance into a $35 million fortune by gambling on every possible […]

Woman Wins $937k in Two Spins

What would you like for your sixty-ninth birthday? How about almost a million dollars? According to Vegas Inc, that’s exactly what happened to Mozelle Wallace, a resident of nearby Rehoboth Beach, earlier this year. When Wallace sat down in the Riviera casino one Friday night to enjoy her birthday, she was just expecting a good […]

Legendary Gambler Hits Bookies for Millions

A legendary Irish gambler recently hit the bookies and won with five “returning” horses on British tracks. Barney Curley, well known for being a punter in modern times, is believed to have some connections with four of the horses that returned from layoffs to win at Kempton, Catterick and Lingfield recently. Some of the leading […]

Casino Legends: The Rise and Fall of Archie Karas

Archie Karas is widely credited with the longest and most profitable winning streak of all time. His his 3-year onslaught of Las Vegas in the early 90’s is the stuff of legends. The Run The whole thing seems like something out of some gambler’s fairy tale book. In 1993, Archie Karas arrived in Vegas with […]

From One Providence to the Other

Simply opening a leading gaming operation represents just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maintaining a lasting presence in this constantly fluctuating landscape. Gaming organizations must continually make improvements, advance the technology behind their gaming, and make valuable partnerships in order to persist in the industry. Great Canadian Gaming is making these […]