How Does Alex Jacob Do It Every Time

If you have not been watching Alex Jacob on Jeopardy, you are missing seriously missing out on something. It is refreshing to watch a player that confident, and most importantly to win back to back! Jacob is a former poker champ and has won over $70,000 in his three appearances on the show. The winning […]

Hollywood Stars and Their Love for Gambling

It is not often that you hear about Hollywood celebrities heading out for a game of poker or blackjack. However, there are a few who have always been open about their love for various casino games, and why wouldn’t they? Not that they need to make more money (they already have a ton!), but for […]

Scott Davies Wins the WSOP Asia Pacific Title

Australian professional poker player Scott Davis won his first international championship title at the main event of Poker Asia Pacific. With this achievement Scott Davies has fulfilled his long cherished dream of winning a World Series poker match and earning the legendry WSOP gold band. At this 2014 WSOP Asia Pacific event held in Australia […]

Molly Bloom’s Gambling Revelations

Once sought after poker hostess to the Hollywood stars and big wigs, Molly Bloom the “Poker Princess” was caught and charged in the act of participating in illicit gambling activities. Let go with a sentence of one year probation and $1,000 fine, Bloom has made public the inner happenings of exclusive poker games and A-list […]