Former Basketball Star Invents New Baccarat Game

Who do most people think of when they try to imagine the face of someone who would invent a new casino table game? Some might think of mathematicians sitting studiously configuring statistics as they create the rules. Others might think of a savvy gambler who knows their games inside and out. Rarely, though, do people consider former athletes as the masterminds behind table games. Yet, one former college athlete – an American basketball player – has gone on to become the creator of a highly popular new form of baccarat.

Bobby FlorenceRabbit’s Play is a new form of baccarat which, after a successful trial run, has been officially granted two tables at the Gold Coast. The game’s creator, Bobby Florence, is a former University of Nevada, Las Vegas basketball player who, despite being drafted by two different professional teams, went on to find his true calling when he discovered casino life. Unlike most casino-going athletes, Florence didn’t find himself gambling, but standing on the other side of the table as the dealer. He eventually spent 30 years as a blackjack dealer, quitting this position only after a heart attack removed some of his stamina and abilities.

While this would have been the final blow to many who would have simply given up and retired, it seems that Florence was still kicking, and channeled the drive that created his success on the court. He continued to work on an idea that had been brewing in his head for some time, and eventually approached the Boyd Gaming with his new variation of baccarat. The company found it to be a good match for their target clientele, and decided to give it a go. The two tables are now frequently crowded round the clock, making one man’s dream come true.