From One Providence to the Other

Simply opening a leading gaming operation represents just the tip of the iceberg when it Gamble-Onlinecomes to maintaining a lasting presence in this constantly fluctuating landscape. Gaming organizations must continually make improvements, advance the technology behind their gaming, and make valuable partnerships in order to persist in the industry. Great Canadian Gaming is making these concepts an integral part of their business model by continually arranging agreements with with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation in order to continue to offer slot facilities in Flamboro Downs and Georgian Downs. Great Canadian Gaming, often referred to as simply as “Great Canadian,” is making the arrangements in order to buy themselves a little time. This extension is needed in order for them to come up with a final lease agreement that will officially solidify the existing partnership between themselves and the state-run organizations behind the scenes.

Coming To Terms

Both parties have signed agreements that are non-binding that outline the current terms for leasing slot machines to these two prestigious and popular gaming locations. The agreement will allow for Great Canadian to be on solid footing for at least the next five years. There is little doubt that final agreements will be reached given enough time for the arrangements to be made due to the extraordinary history that Canadian Gaming has in the industry.

Experience Where It Counts

In addition to gaming destinations, Canadian Gaming hosts hospitality and entertainment facilities in the most prominent areas of Canada. These providences include Washington State, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia. In all, they stand behind 17 different properties, ten of which are homes to successful casinos already. Additionally, they have experience operating four race tracks, three community gaming centers, and a four-diamond hotel and resort. The organization is loved by Canadian communities, employing approximately 3,900 employees throughout Canada, 600 of which are in Washington State alone. The only real issues that the future gaming partners face are key provisions in the terms of the lease agreement. Once these issues are resolved, there is little doubt that the two organizations will be lucrative and long-term partners.