Gambling partenership

When the casino doesn’t win…

Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath; a small, young shepherd who killed a terrible giant with a stone that he flung from his sling. Well, many gamblers can relate to this story and they feel that they are David and the giant is the casino industry. Of course, we’re not advocating that you go out and throw stones at casino windows but our point is that it seems the odds are not stacked in David’s favor. Casinos have a built-in house edge that gives them the advantage, after all, they are businesses and they are in the industry to make money. This is why gamblers rub their hands in glee and appreciation when they read stories about ordinary people taking millions from casinos.

What are Gambling partnerships?

There is no exact phrase, word or dictionary definition as to what gambling partnerships are. The best that we can do is to tell you about them maybe, by doing that you will understand what we mean when we say gambling partnerships. Stories of men, women and even students who can together to take down Goliath, who as mentioned before is the casino.

These people put aside all their differences and came together to take down a common enemy. Something like the big friendly giant, because well, we do love casinos and gambling. Even though we do wish at times that, they could ease off on the house edge. Anyways, back to the gambling partnerships.

Great Casino Gambling Partnerships

We have a look at some of the greatest gambling partnerships in casino history. Names like Keith Taft and Ken Uston will always surface, as will the legendary Al Francesco, but no list is complete without mentioning the MIT Blackjack Team. This smart and crafty group of students caused havoc at casinos around the world and they are down in the annals of history as one of the most successful teams to ever take on the casino industry – and win!

People might think these stories are fictional and that no one in their right mind would go after the gambling industry and actually win. We are here to tell you that there are such daring individuals and as much as the gambling industry hates them, to us, they are real-life superheroes. Some may have been caught, but hey even superheroes have their bad days but they still managed to bounce back.

So do allow us to entertain, fascinate and enlighten you on ordinary human beings who managed to do extraordinary things in the casino gambling world. People who even after death, have managed to live on. Leaving legacies that cannot be forgotten or ignored. People who came and conquered. Inspired yet?

Do Enter Our World

Allow us to open your mind to the casino secrets and trust us, we will leave you dazed, amazed and shocked. These are not tiny secrets, but huge, juicy ones that could change you from broke to millionaire in just a few months.

If you want to read about how they managed to crook the system for so long then you are in the right place. We discuss these great tales and share some insight into other interesting casino secrets.