Hollywood Stars and Their Love for Gambling

It is not often that you hear about Hollywood celebrities heading out for a game of poker or blackjack. However, there are a few who have always been open about their love for various casino games, and why wouldn’t they? Not that they need to make more money (they already have a ton!), but for a lot of them it’s more about relaxing and having a good time with their pals. Here are a few celebs who do not mind trying their luck often at the casinos.

  • Pamela Anderson

hollywood_starsThe Baywatch star loves playing slot games. In fact, you can also see her in the special edition of the slot machine game by Playboy, apart from the Baywatch game.

  • Charlie Sheen

Though Charlie now claims to have given up on gambling, at one point of time he fronted an online gambling website. He has also been known for wagering, his biggest bet being Oscar De La Hoya losing to Manny Pacquiao in 2008.

  • Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight’s frequent performance in Las Vegas got her into trying gambling and enjoying it big time. She has the habit in control and loves playing blackjack and baccarat.

  • Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan

The trio is said to have staked a hand of $25,000 at The Mansion in MGM.

  • One Direction

The young stars find it difficult to resist the charm of gambling and often hit the casinos while touring in Australia. They are usually seen playing blackjack.

Ashton Kutcher is also alleged to have been associated with one of the biggest betting (sports) syndicates. Matt Damon, Paris Hitlon, Macy Gray and many more too have been seen enjoying poker often.