Israel’s Mystery Player Reaches World Series Final Poker Event

Poker enthusiasts are waiting to see if Israel’s mystery man Ofer Zvi Stern will finally reveal himself at Main Event of World Series Poker after making it to the final round. The player has been keeping himself out of the public eye since he started making his presence known at international poker circuits when he won in 2008. The 36 year old player who keeps himself hidden behind a hoodie and large sunglasses does not have any presence in online poker events. For the first time he has managed to qualify for the most prestigious poker event of United States and has already won $1 million during the initial rounds. If he manages to clear the final even that will be held in November 2015, he will have the opportunity to increase his winning amount to $7 million.

Stern’s background and career in poker

Israel’s Mystery PlayerHis interest in gambling began as a teenager while playing five-cents with friends then lost interest. He picked up interest in the game again in 2006 when online poker was as its peak which slowly diverted him to tournament events. Stern’s last big win was $ 49000 at a live poker event in 2008 and he was honing his abilities during this period. He owns a small software firm in a Tel Aviv suburb and travels across United States and Europe to participate in poker events.

World Series final poker event

Stern was almost going to skip this year’s event as he had returned home after a Las Vegas tournament. But he made it to the World Series Main Poker event along with 6000 competitors by paying out $10,000 as entrance fee. His ability to earn 29.8 million chips during early part of the tournament helped Stern to stay on and defeat his opponents that helped him to qualify for final event. All the nine players will meet in Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino at Las Vegas this November which will be telecast live on ESPN.