Largest Poker Event To Be Held On Canadian Soil: Full Tilt Poker Festival

Recently, a 13-day festival took place in Montreal, which is thought to be one of the biggest poker chips 2poker events to ever be held in Canada. The Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival began on September 21 and started out with a no limit Hold ‘Em tournament that brought more than 1600 people out to play in the tournaments that were to take place over the two weeks.

The $100,000 guaranteed prize pool was doubled. The host of the event, the Playground Poker Club, also broke its attendance record in the first day.

There were updates for the Full Tilt Poker Montreal Festival available online, ensuring that everyone knew what they could expect from the event.

The inaugural festival brought a number of high profile poker players out to the event. This included Gus Hansen, who is a Full Tilt poker star of his own right. There were also personalities from the entertainment and sports landscape in Montreal and other Team PokerStars Pros.

There were such people as Martins, Carlos Mavca, Chris Moneymaker and Jonathan Duhamel in attendance.

Main event coverage was significant. There was a Full Tilt blog, live stream of blogging, live reporting, videos and photographs. A champion was crowned on October 3rd.

The event was such a success that it is said that there will be another event hosted in 2014. This could become an annual event for Montreal – and there are many locals who hope it will be.

The $1 million Main Event was a re-entry tournament that allowed players to buy in again if they were knocked out in one of the first two days in order to be able to gain a piece of the prize pool.

The 13 day festival featured an array of poker games including buy-ins that ranged from $200 +$20 down to $50 + $10, allowing players of all levels to join in on all of the fun.

There were various options for people to play and as Montreal hosts more of these events, it is likely that they will attract more of a gambling scene. The Full Tilt Poker Festival is planning for a bigger turnout in 2014.