Molly Bloom’s Gambling Revelations

Once sought after poker hostess to the Hollywood stars and big wigs, Molly Bloom the “Poker Princess” was caught and charged in the act of participating in illicit gambling activities. Let go with a sentence of one year probation and $1,000 fine, Bloom has made public the inner happenings of exclusive poker games and A-list celebrity table talk in her book titled ‘Molly’s Game.’

Molly Bloom

Behind closed doors

Her published story reveals all that took place at the many poker nights she hosted glamorous Hollywood stars and major league sports players. Making the most of her situation, Bloom has dished out the secrets of underground gambling rings where she hosted games at luxury suites in five star hotels.

In her intriguing and tell all memoir, she recants the traits of celebrity players like Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alex Rodriguez and David Lee, to name a few. Billionaire bankers and business magnates would also frequent her high-stakes poker games.

The secret world of underground poker

Setting the record straight, Bloom’s book clears the many renditions floated out by the press during the excitement and buzz of her trial. Voicing her side of what happened behind closed doors in secret ritzy rooms; she has exposed strategies and betting habits of the many stars.

Hosting the many gambling events did Bloom incredibly well with some nights fetching her as much as $50,000 per game for her efforts. Exposing the numerous affluent characters she came into contact with, Bloom has made sure not to publish any damaging incidents witnessed to avoid ruining lives of high profile personalities she interacted with on a regular basis.

With positive reactions and criticism from the industry, Bloom has been asked to take the book to the next level and perhaps turn it into a movie or television series. Unmasked and raw, her work opens readers to the private indulgences of world class personalities behind closed doors and across the green felt of a typical poker table.