Norwegian Garner’s Legendary Win on Net E’s Mobile Jackpot

Slot machine games are as popular as they are because a simple click of button can spin the players’ fortunes and give away huge cash prizes, should they win. Luck favoured a Norwegian player early in August 2014, when he played a slot game online and hit the jackpot. The online casino enthusiast got lucky and took home a jackpot of €2.4 million on the Mega Fortune Touch slot machine. This is the largest ever jackpot that has been won by a Norwegian online.

Mega Fortune’s biggest jackpot winner

mega fortunesMega Fortune is one the most popular jackpot slots that has been offering big money prizes to its players for a long time now. The game, developed by well-known online gaming company Net Entertainment, is featured in online casinos serving players in the UK and Europe. The Norwegian player won the jackpot when he was playing on a Swedish company-owned online casino called Bettsson.

 The gamer was playing on the mobile platform of the casino when he hit the mega jackpot of over 2 million Euros. Mega Fortune Touch is the mobile version of the popular slot game called Mega Fortune, which became highly popular soon after it was launched.

Third big give-away by Net E’s Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a 5-reel slot machine that has the theme of wealth and fortunes that the players can win. The game was originally introduced as an online slot, and since then, it has been offering big rewards through its jackpot feature. The slot machine awarded the largest ever online slot jackpot to a lucky player in January 2013, and gave away a sum of 17.8 million Euros. This was on the original desktop version of the game. The mobile version of the game had recently given away a pooled jackpot of 0.658 million to another lucky player in January 2014, just months before the Norwegian hit the €2.4 million jackpot.