United States Woman Accused Of Stealing List Of High Rollers

High rollers are the cash cow of a casino. Known to many casino owners as “whales,” the players who are going to show up and drop big bucks on the table without blinking an eye are the ones that they seek out. They’re the ones who will be more than happy to partake in high stakes poker tournaments, and they’re also the clients that casinos work to make very happy, keeping their business to themselves. Many business savvy casino owners and operators will hold lists of their top betting clients, making sure to cater to those individuals when they arrive. This list is like an insurance policy for most casinos in today’s market, giving them insider information that will help them keep their high rollers happy. Maintaining ties and business relations with these people is, after all, the only way a casino or gambling venue in this economy can survive.

It’s for this reason that so much tension arose when one woman was accused of stealing a casino’s list of high rollers before leaving them to work at a new one. The United States woman, Helena Wong, was accused of photo copying a list of 1000 + high rollers at her previous job with Maryland Live before moving to a new position at the recently opened Horseshoe Casino. Wong is known for her ability to cater to these high rollers, and has thus become popular amongst both the VIP clientele and the casinos that seek them out. With her not only moving to a new venue, but potentially leaking precious information about some of her favorite customers to the new establishment, it could mean a world of financial trouble for Maryland Live.

With an ever tightening market, this kind of maneuver is one that could tip the scales of a gambling venue’s business in either direction. Lawsuits and court hearings are still under way in response to this turn of events, but one thing seems clear from all of this – nobody is willing to give up their high rollers without a fight.