Woman Wins $937k in Two Spins

What would you like for your sixty-ninth birthday? How about almost a million dollars? According to Vegas Inc, that’s exactly what happened to Mozelle Wallace, a resident of nearby Rehoboth Beach, earlier this year. When Wallace sat down in the Riviera casino one Friday night to enjoy her birthday, she was just expecting a good time and maybe a little coffee money. Instead, she maxed out her bet at seventy-five cents on a twenty-five cent machine and won – on her second spin of the night. Her total winnings? $937,608.36, just shy of a million dollars. Now that’s the kind of luck we’d all like to see.

So how’d she do it? Well, mostly a lot of luck, of course (isn’t that the name of our game?). The slot game she played was the Wheel of Fortune, a progressive game. Unfortunately, it’s not available online, but if you’d like to get the same experience at home, you can try Wheel of Wealth, a slick 3-reel game that tries to replicate the Wheel of Fortune atmosphere.